HudRivPres at GA 221

that we may be "rooted and grounded in love"

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A Commissioner Looks Back at the GA Experience

Leslie Mardenborough shared these reflections with her home congregation, White Plains Presbyterian Church, this past Sunday:

Let me start with my Thank Yous. First, I thank and am thanking God for answered prayers. At the orientation for the HRP’s Commissioners and Overture Advocates a host of people – Thank you Hudson River Presbytery — have been praying for me and for my concern that I would have the stamina to withstand the grueling General Assembly schedule. When Pastor Jeff asked you to pray for me during our worship under the tent a few weeks ago, he brought you into this unceasing prayer. Thank you, White Plains Presbyterian Church.

The Wednesday morning before I left, when I had reached the end of my energy rope, I followed the example of our sister in Christ, Alice Pala Englert, and put it all in God’s hands…my anxiety about my fatigue; about leaving my mother alone for 10 days, the longest I would be away since her diagnosis of vascular dementia – and I that hadn’t done everything I thought I should to make this comfortable for her and her caregivers; about whether my convictions going into the Commission on Civil Unions and Marriage were God-led; about my unfounded and anxiety-produced fear that my friend who was to drive with me to Detroit would drop out at the last minute. Continue reading


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A Moderator’s Take on the New Moderator

The election of the Moderator was a big surprise! All three candidates spoke well – and were progressive in their theological perspectives. The glitch in electronic voting made for a tense evening. RE Heath Rada, former President of the Presbyterian School of Christian Education, won on the first ballot – almost unheard of. One fun note for me ‘ the Vice-Moderator, Larissa Kwong Abuza, grew up before my eyes when I was her pastor years ago at Kitchell Memorial PC in East Hanover, NY.

It all brought back wonderful memories of 2003 when I was elected Moderator of the 315th GA in Denver!

-Susan Andrews