HudRivPres at GA 221

that we may be "rooted and grounded in love"

A Prayer for the Church




hesed handsBy Noelle Damico, “Prayers for a New Social Awakening,” eds. Iosso and Hinson-Hasty, Westminster John Knox Press, 2008 

Guard your church, O God
From illusions of grandeur
From obeisance to power
From vanity that demands notice

Guard your church, O God
From certainty that exterminates novelty
From uncertainty that precludes action
From neutrality that blesses what is

Guard your church, O God
From arrogance that speaks for others
From dalliance that trivializes agony
From advocacy that tinkers at transformation

Guard your church, O God
From cowardice during times of contention
From capitulation to threats without and within
From charity that perpetuates inequality

Guard your church, O God
From pity that precludes partnership
From heroics that disintegrate democracy
From procedure that prolongs injustice

Guard your church, O God

Awaken us in mercy
Strengthen us in crucifixion
Forge us in resurrection

That we may give
Though it make us insecure

That we may depend
Though it offend our pride

That we may challenge
Though it cost our reputation

That we may hope
Though it seems unreasonable

That we may love
Though scorn feels righteous

That we may build
Though tearing down be expedient

That we may speak
Though silence would be safer

That we may venture
Though we may not see the end.

Guard your church, O God.  In the strong name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen.


3 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Church

  1. This is just very special, that we can be there in spirit and in thought.
    Great work ,thank you !

  2. Very happy that I can be a part of the happenings at GA

  3. This is a powerful prayer.

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